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Easter holidays start tomorrow and we look forward to seeing many of you pop down to visit us over the next two weeks.

We will be open from 10-17.30 every day except Easter Sunday so there is lots of time to join us for some tea and cake. It is advisable to book as the school holiday weeks often get very busy!

We have a number of new games for you all to try out, as well as all your old favourites, some that you will not have seen pictures of yet so they will hopefully be nice surprises for you!

Along with the new games to play we also have some new games for sale. One of which is the popular King of Tokyo (see photo). It costs £32.99 (before the 10% stay and play discount) and also comes with a free Promo character called The Precipitator. Give the game a go next time you visit us.
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This Friday is the start of the Easter holidays when, apart from Easter Sunday, we'll be open every day all the way through until Sunday 14th April (we're also open this Thursday) at our usual opening times of 10:00 - 17:30.

So what do you need to keep you busy during your session?? Games, lots of games - and we have over 500 of them, including quite a few new ones recently. Two of those recently added games are HEAT - Pedal To The Metal and Dorf Romantik, which are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

HEAT is a racing game based on F1 in the 60s and proved very popular when we took it to the recent Bedford Tabletop Expo we attended. It's not too complex to play, loads of fun and can become quite competitive as you jockey for position right up to the finish line. For extra competitiveness, it even has a very simple automata which will allow you to add some automated opponents to bring even more tension to the game.

Dorf Romantik on the other hand is a cooperative landscape-building game where you will build rivers, villages, fields, railroads and forests by placing tiles and meeting challenges to score as many points as you can. Multiple plays of the game (your first game should take about 20 mins) will get you unlocking new pieces providing extra challenges. It's a really nice, simple, calming game for up to 6 players.

Check these out and more on your next visit.
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Today is International Colour day and to celebrate it we have a new game that we will be teaching people to play over the weekend, thanks to Cartamundi , @shufflegamesuk who have sent us a bunch of copies of the game. They can be played anytime over the next three days as we are open from 10am until 5.30pm Friday to Sunday.

It is a little bit like Uno but a lot more hectic and a lot more fun (at least I think so anyway!). The first person to get rid of all their cards wins the game but the trick to the game is that you can only play cards that match the colour of the words (if the words are red you can play red on it) or play a colour that matches the words (if the colour is red you can play a card where the word reads RED).
The second trick to it is that there are no turns and you play what you can as fast as you can!

It is enormous fun and really plays with your brain as you try to quickly differentiate between the colour of the words and the actual written word.
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As we head towards the end of March we turn our attention to Easter and beyond. But let's start with this weekend coming where we'll be open Thu 21st - Sun 24th. The following week we'll be open Thu 28th - Sat 30th, closed Easter Sunday 31st, but then open from Bank Holiday Monday 1st April every day right through to Sunday 14th, 10:00 - 17:30, After that it'll be back to our usual Thu - Sun opening for the rest of April.

We've also opened up our Friday Night Game Night for April, on the 19th, 19:00 - 22:00. Because of the extended daytime opening we're having just the one, but if you're quick you might just be able to snag our one free table for March 29th... Hurry!! All dates can be booked here:
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The wonderful people from @cheatwellgames, CheatwellGames were kind enough to send us a bunch of new games last week. A nice mix of party game (What?), card game (Ghost Hunter), set collection (Cadaver), chess like (Zensu) and Cluedo adjacent (Sleuth). All are available to play all weekend, we are open 10-17.30 Friday to Sunday so come and be amongst the first to try out these games... even we have not tried them out yet!

We have also added in a Friday Games Night for next month. Only one in April, which is on the 19th.